Kitchen Science: How to Get an Egg into a Bottle (and out Again) Without Breaking Anything

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This is an amusing video demonstration of how to get an egg into a bottle (and then, how to get it out again) without breaking anything -- neither the egg, nor the bottle, nor anything in your parents' kitchen [2:18]

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Very cool. I remember seeing this in early elementary school - maybe even kindergarten. I'm pretty sure I thought at the time that the eggs were raw and still had their shells.

@Carl: -LOL- I had exactly the same thought. Peeled hardboiled egs are easy. Let's see them try it your way!

By themadlolscientist (not verified) on 11 Feb 2008 #permalink

These lying cheaters are worse than Bush. How can you peel an egg without breaking the shell?

The proper way to do this is to soak a hardboiled egg in vinegar overnight to soften the shell. Then heat the bottle with hot water, pour out the water, and insert the egg. As the steam cools the egg will be sucked in. The burning paper thing is stupid--it gets your egg dirty.

You can peel a hard-boiled egg, Bob. Pay attention.