Subway Station at 72nd and Broadway

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NYC subway stations at 72nd and Broadway (foreground; the 1-2-3 trains stop here).
You can see some snow is still present.

Image: GrrlScientist 2008. [larger view].

I captured this image yesterday in the late afternoon. One thing that I find fascinating about NYC buildings is the close proximity of old and new buildings. For example, the subway stations are old buildings along with another one, on the far right (which is being worked on, as you can see), but the buildings to the left and in the center (background) are quite new.

The more that I look at this image, the more that I like it.

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Interesting form, the subway station resembles a basilica. Prior to being appropriated by the Christian church (actually, promulgated by Constantine) the basilica was a civil structure.
Have you noticed that banks (old ones) often resemble Greek temples?

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