AMNH Subway Art #72

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Perhaps this is a bat star, Asterina miniata?
as portrayed in tiles on the walls of the downtown-bound landing of the NYC subway stop (A-B-C)
at 81st and Central Park West. (ISO, no zoom, no flash).

Image: GrrlScientist 2008. [wallpaper size].

The doctors instructed me to move my lower arm around without moving my upper arm at all, as a form of physical therapy, to make sure I don't lose my range of motion and fine motor skills in my left hand and arm. Well, that assignment seemed the perfect excuse to get out there and start taking more pictures. So thanks to the docs, I finished photographing the AMNH subway station today, and those images will be popping up here for a week or two.

Because you, dear readers, have commented on my blog and emailed privately to let me know that you like this sort of thing, I have decided to choose a few more subway stations with artwork to photograph for you. That will happen sometime this week (this is physical therapy, afterall) so the "subway art series" will continue for awhile longer, at least, or until you tell me that you are sick of it.

Read more about the AMNH tile artworks and see the AMNH tile artworks photographic archives -- with all the animals identified.

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Keep it up - your pictures are great! I hope you get to feeling better soon.

By nolabirder (not verified) on 17 Mar 2008 #permalink

What a beautiful image. Reminds me of being at the Pacific Ocean shore in Anchor Bay, California, during a spring tide. The water got low enough to expose large starfish clinging to the rocks.

By biosparite (not verified) on 18 Mar 2008 #permalink

Maybe a bat star, Asterina miniata? Sea star identification keys on the web are pathetic, and I have no real confidence in this guess, but maybe it'll prompt somebody who knows something to chime in.