Seattle and Vancouver BC Peeps: Here's Your Millionth Comment Party Locations

This is for all my Seattle and Vancouver, BC, area friends, especially all my bird pals, whom I have maintained contact with all these years after moving to NYC: there are several ScienceBlogs millionth comment parties in your areas that you are invited to. These parties, hosted by Seed Media Group and ScienceBlogs, are celebrating the success of ScienceBlogs to reach the public and will provide free food, drinks and prizes to those who attend.

First, the Seattle area party details;

Date: Saturday, 27 September
Time: 4pm PT
Location: the upper mezzanine of Ozzie's Roadhouse at 105 W Mercer St in Seattle, which is near the Space Needle.
SciBling hosts: Sandy, Maria and Dave, and I will also be dropping in for a visit! (You heard it here, first!)

If you live in the area near Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada), there is a ScienceBlogs millionth comment party in Vancouver that you can attend;

Date: Thursday, September 18th
Time: 6pm PT
Location: the Thea Koerner House located at 6371 Crescent Road in Vancouver, V6T 1Z2
SciBling hosts: David and Jennifer.

If you live outside the Seattle and Vancouver, BC, areas and would like to know where a ScienceBlogs millionth comment party is being held near you, please let me know and I'll get that information for you. (NYC party information will be announced here after everything has been finalized).

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