Prankin' Palin

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Sarah Palin is as stupid and gullible as she is arrogant and .. erm, intellectually gifted -- don't forget this when you are standing in the polling booth tomorrow [6:02]

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We should have some sympathy for the poor girl, I think. Remember, the last time she took a "prank call", it real was from John McCain.

GrrlScientist, Just remember, every time you hate Palin, that Obama chose a MAN as his running mate. Feminist? Hell No!

Also, what office have you run for? The only way to get gender equality is to get women in power. By any means necessary. You are a traitor to your gender. You are even less of a feminist than Palin.

Also, check out this link.

Obama is not a feminist either.

BTW, I voted for Obama.

out -- oh, please! i am a scientist, not an ass-kissing politician who has to ask her pollsters what she thinks today. scientists look to their data for information, not to a bunch of overpaid whores.

and for your information, i HAVE been incredibly politically active for most of my life, doing everything from stuffing envelopes to editing speeches, so i've seen things from an insider's view. quite frankly, i have ethics -- unlike politicians. yes, even obama rather lacks in the ethics department. that's what politics are all about.