Why Do People Laugh at Creationists? (Part 1)

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The only people who are so stupid as to not understand the answer to that question are the creationists themselves.

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You'll be happy to know there are 30 parts of this ''why do people laugh at creationists'' serie.

Wow that is a terrible video. Of course creationists are ignorant and prefer to remain that way, but replays and ones in slow motion of people talking? Really. Awful video I can't believe there are 30 of these.

I didn't think that video was too bad...wasn't good either though. However, the second video I looked at (1000 years one) was terrible. Sweeping generalizations, hasty conclusions, strong foundational bias, twisted logic, strawmen arguments, fallacy of the single cause....yeah, it would make a great video to demonstrate a number of fallacies for a class on critical thinking.

If that is the level of discourse available then I'll not bother with the rest of the videos. I prefer to get my information from people who are able to avoid such stereotyped attitudes.

If you're looking for a good series on evolution though I like these ones. I've seen 3 of them so far. I especially liked the the 2006 lecture by Dr. K. Miller. You can pick up some good examples to refute the creationist claim that evolution is a religion.

Dr. Miller provides several examples of where the evolutionary theory made a prediction that was subsequently verified (and in one case it also contradicted a creationist prediction).


By Daniel J. Andrews (not verified) on 23 Aug 2009 #permalink

Hey, do you think you could perhaps display a LITTLE more mature sensitivity towards those who look at the majestic universe, and can't help but see a higher intelligence behind it all? It seems to take a certain UNintelligence (or maybe just ignorance, and deaf/dumb/and blindness) to think that all this wonder and marvelousness came about by mere chance. GRRL make such a big show of being a SCIENTIST but, as we know, all the TRUE scientists (e.g. Newton, Einstein and, yes, Darwin) were deists (so I think I'll hang with them). Believe me, we are not all Bible-thumpers and holy rollers, but we ARE intelligent enough to see the bitterness behind those to whom religion is an affront because it implies moral behavior, and some are just too weak to live up to that...

Hm. I thought Newton was a full-blown theist. And Darwin's view famously changed, so he became more or less an agnostic.

And even if all three were deists, and even if it really counted for much, so what? Deists aren't creationists.

"Deists aren't creationists;" my point entirely. In what can only be considered a colossal stretch, atheists often use the theory of evolution to somehow "disprove" the existence of a higher creative universal intelligence ("God" if you will). But this merely disproves some of humans' traditional beliefs about God, rather than God him/her/itself. This is just as zany as saying the world is only 6000 years old. But "creationism" in its basic sense (apart from traditional mythology) and evolution are not mutually exclusive. How about evolution as a mode of creation? Now this is just a theory, like any other, and you may not adhere to it; that's fine. But to call anyone who doesn't adhere to your viewpoint "stupid" is somewhat narrow-minded and may, as I've encountered, smack of ulterior issues. For instance, if there is a higher intelligence, perhaps creatures are in some sense "sacred," and therefore maybe I shouldn't be recklessly exploiting these creatures and this creation for money; maybe I should respect and honor it. But I'm sure you can see where a lot of people might have a big problem with this and, therefore, it's so much easier to rationalize it away by saying there is no God, and therefore I can do whatever the heck I want.