DonorsChoose: Donate to Improve Kids' Science Education and Win a Free Book!

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Four projects in my "Biology is Life" Challenge have been fully funded, and the teachers for each project have posted thank you letters that you can read here: The Viking Shark Project, the Cow Eye Dissection project, the Please Pass Me the Scalpel, Nurse project, and the A Room Without A View project.

We need to do more to help impoverished kids, so please check out the unfunded proposals in the "Biology is Life" Challenge that still need your help by clicking on the above widget.

And don't forget, Princeton University Press is providing gifts of free books to those who donate to my Challenge (more below the jump);

Remember: YOU can choose projects to fund as well. Just look through the proposals and let me know which one(s) you wish to fund, and I'll add them to the line-up.

In recognition of your kind gifts to help others, Princeton University Press is offering 2 books with a value of up to $30.00 each as prizes to two of my DonorsChoose Challenge donors: one book will be awarded to the donor who gives the largest gift, and the other book will be given to a donor who will be randomly chosen by my parrots using a method that I have yet to develop (suggestions welcomed). This kind offer covers most of Princeton University Press's trade science titles and guide books (view their catalogue PDFs here) and they also pay postage, so this costs you NOTHING! All that you have to do is send me your mailing address after making your donation and you will be automatically entered into this competition.

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