Macro Video of a Male Phidippus apacheanus Jumping Spider (The Apache Jumper)

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There's a chance he could be a male Phidippus cardinalis -- a bit of research reveals both P. apacheanus and P. cardinalis are found in this area of Oklahoma.

Video: Thomas Shahan [Thomas Shahan's photostream]

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Definitely Phidippus apacheanus as opposed to P. cardinalis... apacheanus is characteristically a more intense red, cardinalis more orangey with lighter bristles which may appear silvery; reports of cardinalis indicate makings on the abdomen but absent in apacheanus... in the video above, the intense red can be seen as well as an absence of abdominal markings- compare below:

Phidippus apacheanus

Phidipuus cardinalis

Thank you for posting this lovely little guy. I'm a fan of jumping spiders. Having one in a house is almost like having a pet.