Project Kaisei/Scripps Documents North Pacific Gyre

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Underwater videographer, underwater photographer, and author, Annie Crawley joined Scripps Institute of Oceanography and Project Kaisei aboard the New Horizon on a 3 week long expedition to the North Pacific Gyre. They collected data to help find a solution to the "Plastic Vortex" forming in our Ocean.

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The North Pacific Gyre and other ocean currents containing extensive rubbish are very well covered in the new book (2009) "Flotsametrics and the Floating World", by Curtis Ebbesmeyer & Eric Scigliano.

I was haunted by the Video I saw on the Pacific Garbage Patch Since then I have made an effort to choose, when ever possible, a non plastic container or item. I laud all those who are doing somthing about this problem.

By Joy Breeze (not verified) on 30 Oct 2009 #permalink

nice video!

Before we go spending even more $ and oil collecting plastic "out there" in the middle of the ocean, let's collect the millions of tons of plastics on our beaches, in our rivers and nearshore waters...before it gets "out there" If that works out well, and we can prove the concept, then we can consider the next steps. Seems logical.

We can collect more plastic in our coastal waters in an hour than in a week out in the gyre.