Life and Death of a Male Paraphidippus aurantius Jumping Spider

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After taking the video of an adult male Paraphidippus aurantius eating a cricket and waving his arms threateningly at the videographer's finger, both the male and an adult female P. aurantius were released on a nearby plant.

As stated in the video, the videographer did not intentionally cause the female to kill the male. The videographer says, "I was actually a little concerned that the female might try to get him, so I put them about three or four feet apart and went back inside for a little bit to put away the containers I was keeping them in. When I came back, the female had found her way over to the male. Without touching the plant or interfering with the scene in any way, I took a series of photos documenting her approach and eventual attack."

Video: Thomas Shahan [Thomas Shahan's photostream]

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