Pat Robertson: 'Islam Not A Religion'

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A Muslim takes on Pat Robertson and his form of fundamentalist wingnuttery known as "evangelical religion". Pat Robinson demonstrates nicely that even religious people of different denominations do not respect each other even though they supposedly are on the same side. They are so busy pointing fingers and making judgments about each others' faith that it's beyond silly for them to try to convert atheists .. because they can't agree as to which religion is "the one true faith" nor can they (apparently, according to this video) agree as to what constitutes a religion at all.

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That's funny. Ive often heard Christians say that Christianity (their brand, of course)isn't a "religion", and that everything else is a religion. That religion is "man reaching up to God", and Christianity is "God reaching down to man".

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Yes Christians like to ignore what that inconvenient fellow Jesus Christ said. He said to Judge not lest ye be judged and to take the log out of your eye before you try to take the spec out of your neighbors eye and let him who is without sin cast the first stone. But Christ spoils all the fun, so he must be ignored! All fundamentalism are about the same they think the have a direct pipeline to their god, so they know exactly what is true. AS was commented one time the fundamentalists god is to small.

saw a sign outside a church on the weekend

"Don't let christians put you off Jesus"

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