Cotton: Building a Better Plant

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This is another beautifully written and produced video about plant research. The lucky plant? This time, it's cotton -- what jeans and t-shirts are made of! This video explores how modern cotton plants came to be, the 50 species of cotton, and how cotton genomic research can improve our lives.

Plant genome research is already revolutionizing the field of biology. Currently, scientists are unlocking the secrets of some of the most important plants in our lives, including corn, cotton and potatoes. Secrets of Plant Genomes: Revealed! takes viewers on a lively, upbeat journey that explores how these plants got to be the way they are and investigates how we can make better use of them in the future. Plant scientists are hard at work -- in the lab, in the field and at the computer -- to increase our understanding of nature. Secrets of Plant Genomes: Revealed! makes the study of plants exciting and relevant by showing how learning more about plants can improve our everyday lives. Courtesy: National Science Foundation.

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