Christian Wingnuts Whinging about Harry Potter

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This video is a report on the christian wingnuts' response to Harry Potter -- it seems this is another cult of mind-control that is unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Since today is my birthday, and I am a rabid Harry Potter fan, I will spend this entire day brushing up on my spells and wand-work by watching Harry Potter DVDs. Since alcohol will also be involved, I urge you all to watch out, lest I (accidentally?) change someone into a toad.

Part 2:

Hrm, wicca is a fertility cult? And how is this different from any bible-, koran- or book of mormon-based cult? Oh, and repetition of words until a state of mental torpor is achieved .. how is THAT different from a church service?

Part 3:

Evolution is relativism, and thus, evil? *cough* *choke* Since the pointed hats are supposedly a phallic symbol, what does that translate into when those pointed hats are white? Were the KKKers overcompensating for something? And the broom is also a phallic symbol? I thought it was all about getting the housework done! (housework devolves rapidly into a sex-specific form of torture on all but the very best of days, when it only rates as "unpleasant").

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I will spend this entire day brushing up on my spells and wand-work by watching Harry Potter DVDs. Since alcohol will also be involved, I urge you all to watch out, lest I (accidentally?) change someone into a toad.

No problem. Just don't aim your spells in the direction of southern France, please. Instead, I suggesting aiming Northwest-ish, towards Ireland. Aim for Dublin. Professional Poopyhead Little Pee Zed is there now. Instead of toads, think squids.

Brooms and pointed hats are phallic symbols? What about all those spires, steeples, and minarets?

I am continually amazed that Xians must attack whatever threatens to undermine their "all powerful" mythical god person. Personally? I wouldn't worship their god - too limp dicked, too weak, too ignorant, too self-absorbed, too demanding and way too 'sixth grade daddy's girl who doesn't get her way all the time'. Why would anyone worship a god who is so vulnerable that it is threatened by a few books? Weak. Lame. Ultimately? Sad.

By fester60613 (not verified) on 31 Jan 2010 #permalink

This woman reduced me to shouting at the screen. If you're going to criticise something at least don't litter your spiel with so many ridiculous errors. And evolution is connected to reincarnation? WTF?!

By Vicars Daughter (not verified) on 31 Jan 2010 #permalink

Actually, brooms are phallic symbols indeed. Before aerodynamics became fashionable, during the good ol' days of witch trials, witches were supposedly riding them with bristles pointing forwards. With the shaft between their legs.
It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see the hidden picture there.

we won't say anything about how xtians celebrate pagan holidays, like xmas, easter, etc... a little research into how those holidays were co-opted could have saved this woman a lot of embarrassment...

The broom is as much a yonic symbol as a phallic one. After all, the handle/rod is embedded in the brush/bush. It takes both to get the job done.

By fringekitty (not verified) on 31 Jan 2010 #permalink

I obviously need to re-read Harry Potter. Unfortunately my son has taken all the books off to university with him. He's a bright boy - he's studying advanced voodoo and higher cursing at the London School of Prestadigitation.

By Joe Fogey (not verified) on 31 Jan 2010 #permalink

Well, at least they are consistent: they believe the Bible to be literal truth, therefore it is no stretch to believe all those other fairy tales are also literal truth.

But why do they miss the fundamentals of Harry Potter that the stories are essentially fables of the ultimate triumph of the Forces of Good over the Forces of Evil after being nearly vanquished by them? i.e. basic inspirational tale trope of the ages. Surely that must accord with Xian values?

And pray tell me: what on earth is a "Watcher of Times", and what does that have to do with Witchcraft that it be included in the list of people that are Very Bad and deserving of the death penalty? Is it a person who pays attention to history and tells the real stories of the past instead of the fables in the Bible?

By GrayGaffer (not verified) on 31 Jan 2010 #permalink

"Witchcraft is reality."

My goodness, what a delusional moron. What is it about religion that makes people so unhinged from reality???