Sonnige Blume

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Sonnige Blume.

Image: GrrlScientist, 20 April 2010 [larger view]

I was lured out of my sickbed so I could photograph this lovely flower, which really did brighten my day (even though I am STILL SICK!!)

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The flower pictures are lovely--are they from your garden? and I think you've been sick for some time: seen a doctor?
Incidentally, is Frankfurt (am Mainz?) the home of a rather prestigious university? Are you teaching? My German is so rusty as to be non-existent-- I only remember "Ich bin en Hamburg bis der dampfer eintrift" which is not a lot of help for anything!
Hope you're well sooner rather than later!
With warm regards, Murray

When you get to feeling better, you might go to the Roman Germanic central museum in Mainz as well as the Gutenberg Museum. The Roman Germanic museum deals with the pre-roman history of germany thru the roman times. Also of interest would be to visit one of the sites on the Limes and you are standing on the border of the Roman Empire.