Richard Feynman Explains Magnets and 'Why?' Questions

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Physicist Richard Feynman tries to explain to a non-scientist just how difficult it can be to answer certain questions in lay terms! A classic example of Feynman's clarity of thought, powers of explanation and intellectual honesty - his refusal to 'cheat'.

From the BBC TV series 'Fun to Imagine' (1983).

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Quick! Somebody forward this video to the Insane Clown Posse...

I was actually thinking they already saw it and misunderstood, "I can't explain that attraction in terms of anything else that's familiar to you." to mean "I can't explain how magnets work."
Further I wondered if his talk about not wanting to "cheat" was interpreted to mean he didn't want to lie - therefore any scientists who do explain how magnets work are actually lying.
...of course the fatal flaw in my hypothesis is that I can't see the ICP watching Richard Feynman videos.

By aineolach (not verified) on 20 May 2010 #permalink