Remember The Sabbath

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When I lived in NYC, a fair number of my students were Jewish. I've always found the Jewish faith to be fascinating, especially the Jews' definition of how to keep the Sabbath. My students taught me a lot about the Sabbath and the philosophy behind "keeping it" and what the rules are regarding the keeping of the Sabbath (and yes, I had a hard time not laughing when they told me all these things -- in all seriousness!)

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The rest of that keep the sabbath thing is that you spend the entire time in tempel.

Come on, do you really thing their God would allow them to rest? Either they work to support themselves or they profess their devotion to their God but no slacking off.

So, why don't they try to bring supplies into Gaza on the Sabbath? Does Israel have Star-K weapons too?

great idea! but it seems that the ultra-wingnut faction of jews living and reproducing madly in gaza are being protected by the more moderate jews who serve in the army -- and who get a special dispensation to NOT keep the sabbath so they can protect the crazies who DO keep the sabbath! how's THAT for hypocrisy?

Quick probably pedantic correction - I agree with your sentiment Grrl, but there are no Jews living in Gaza, the settlements where the religious fanatics are madly reproducing are all on the West Bank (and East Jerusalem).