Purpur Clematis

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Purpur Clematis (Clematis species)

Image: GrrlScientist, 14 July 2010 [larger view]

Some of the lovely purple clematis that are growing at the Vietnamese Restaurant near where I live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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Hi Grrl, I may be wrong but aren't these flowers Clematis?
I think Passiflora have the stamens on a "pedestal" not separate like these. Lovely flowers either way, though.

Wow, a parrot that can type AND take marvelous photos!

Yes, a clematis rather than a passionflower. I can't do any good with the usual passionflowers because caterpillars of gulf fritillary butterflies consume them. However they do not bother my Adenia fruticosa, which has tiny yellow flowers. Incidentally Adenia is also a genus of killifish, an illustration that the zoological and botanical codes of nomenclature are separate entities.

By Jim Thomerson (not verified) on 18 Jul 2010 #permalink

Always like your flower photos--have 3 clematis plants and they bloom at different seasons; right now, the white one is in bloom, next will be the purple. Incidentally, I used to call it "clemátis" but they tell me it's supposed to be pronounced "clématis" -- any input?

well, i do have many hundreds (perhaps thousands) of flower photos, so i guess i should dig through them and post a few more, then, huh? i also recently got a sweet macro lens for the nikon that does a good job with flower photography, too.

(now, just gotta get a new nikon body since this camera has more limits than i do, photographically speaking).

Dear Grrl,
I have been nursing my own problems in greater loads than ever before, but you coaxed me gently out for a moment with this gracious deliverance of a flower. A moving result is wrought once more through you, the medium, and the camera lens. It is something precious to behold in front of my eyes. It is stirring not just because it is beautiful, but it projects as if it is alive, although it is really a photographic shadow of it. Remarkable job, Grrl!