At Church, Leave Your Nunchuks Behind

I photographed this sign recently at a church in Cincinnati, Ohio:

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Must have been the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Ninjitsu (Reformed)

Must have been a Catholic church - they're probably worried that someone brings a pair of nunchucks and starts chucking their nuns left and right.

By Phillip IV (not verified) on 16 May 2010 #permalink

We may see signs like that here in Illinois soon, as concealed-carry is under consideration. There will no doubt be a frenzy as institutions try to carve out exceptions to "bring your gun and all your friends!"

#3: "Bring your gun and all your friends.
Use your gun to make them come back."

I suppose long guns are OK, so long as one carries them openly and in a non threatening manner.

By Jim Thomerson (not verified) on 17 May 2010 #permalink

Oh my... what church is this? I grew up in Cincinnati (live in Hamilton now, a little to the north). Pretty sad situation, if people need to bring firearms to church.