Migrations between Science & Art

It is nice to see science and art getting along. The World Science Festival's
event Eye Candy demonstrates how science can help
us understand some of our notions of beauty. Art is equally useful to science,
especially to scientists who envy the artist's ability to parlay an idea into
something visual—something that does not make too many demands on
their audience's time.

Most people are unaware of human impacts on the oceans, such as
overfishing, pollution, and invasive species. This deficiency is in part due to the
ocean itself—the opaqueness of the surface transmits a deceiving
tranquility—and also in part because scientists studying the ocean have
not been able to quickly communicate the problems. That is why I wanted to
collaborate with Dave Beck, an artist and
professor at Clarkson University.

Read the rest of my latest post at the blog for the World Science Festival.

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Uh oh . . .Dave warned you not to show that letter to anyone.

The link to Dave Beck is experiencing a cyber glitch...

Loved these thoughts!

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