The Earth is Not Moving

"In order to save the dying heliocentric theory from the conclusive geocentric experiments performed by Michelson, Morley, Gale, Sagnac, Kantor and others, establishment master-mind Albert Einstein created his Special Theory of Relativity which in one philosophical swoop banished the absolute aether/firmament from scientific study and replaced it with a form of relativism which allowed for heliocentricism and geocentricism to hold equal merit. If there is no universal aetheric medium within which all things exist, then philosophically one can postulate complete relativism with regard to the movement of two objects (such as the Earth and sun). Nowadays, just like the theory of heliocentricism, Einstein's theory of relativity is accepted worldwide as gospel truth, even though he himself admitted geocentricism is equally justifiable"

Source: The Atlantean Conspiracy: The Earth is Not Moving

Offered for your reading pleasure.  It is a master-stroke how a clerk working at the post office [update: er..patent office] is described as "establishment master-mind"!  I really wonder how individuals can be intelligent enough to write at this level and yet believe in such nonsense.

But at the risk of making this post actually useful maybe someone can answer the question my googling was trying to answer before the article above distracted me: does Google Earth compensate for dimensional distortions due to satellite perspective?


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No, not for 2D imagery, everything is pancaked based on the location of the satellite.

If you mean orthographic (e g. rectilinear), that should be done.

The 3D areas do correct for satellite orientation. However, things like ground shadows are fixed to their 2D capture orientations.

I've used the USGS Earth Explorer quite a bit in the past. AFAIK all high resolution imagery is now in the private sector.

Most of this stuff you can figure out for yourself by just looking at google earth and finding places where buildings tilt in two different directions. That's a clear indication of an imagery seem (images stitched together).

Finally, I'm really rather rusty about this circa 2016, but in 2011 I was doing a lot of work on satellite imagery related to the Mississippi River flooding.

By Everett F Sargent (not verified) on 25 Jul 2016 #permalink

Thanks for the feedback, Everett. I did mean just orthographic. I just am using google earth images to make general and hypothetical plans for possible division of our lot, building placement ideas etc and the question came up. I would have been more than a little surprised if Google weren't making what should be such a simple correction. And actually, as you elude to, the evident distortions of familiar objects in some of the images give that away.

If google earth shows multiple time views of your area, then you can look at each of them, and since the odds of seems coinciding are small. In addition most states have aerial photography repositorys were for about 50 or so you can buy an image. Or if a topo map is sufficient (assuming the property is in the US you can go to the USGS web site and download maps of various vintages. (These are corrected and projected. (Actually the combo of a topo map and an aerial photo was how mapping was done at a field camp in 1972. Given the topo map, you get lat lon coordinates and can transfer that to google earth. (and vice versa) The topo map at 1:24000 should help you out as well as showing the actual height contours of the land.

Going a bit further here is a link to order aerial photos from the USGS Http:
(actually a link to an order form:
this provides info on the cost of these for example a 1:24000 print costs $10 if black and white and $25 if color.

C'mon now!

The cunning establishment mastermind, at the time he unleashed his cunning scheme to rescue heliocentrism, worked under deep cover as a clerk in a patent office.

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 27 Jul 2016 #permalink

What better place for an establishment master-mind to work? His main job was presumably to discover and suppress any unwanted inventions before they became common knowledge. He just got tired of destroying patent applications for perpetuum mobiles so he decided to scribble together a theory that would make it look even more impossible to build one, thus lowering his workload.

I do know that the Landsat data stream has to undergo a fair bit of processing before it is turned into an image. I can't remember the delay off the top of my head, but it was something like 30 minutes from memory.

By Craig Thomas (not verified) on 02 Aug 2016 #permalink

Craig, in other words, what you stated, Landstat derived images are grossly artefacts, have therefore nothing in common with our visual brain system. Thank you for your contribution

we are wanting english properly not argot grunting from you freddy.

And when you want to use "other words", you are expected to use words that say the same thing, not a complete disconnect from the statements you have mangled by your ignorance.

Pious Heliocentrists are greatly emboldened by the discovery of topological semiconductors , for telluric currents in a two-dimensional world could greatly simplify the construction of an electric chair for materialist villains of the sort that endorse One Dimensional Man.

By Mnestheus (not verified) on 23 Dec 2016 #permalink

"Heliocentrists are greatly emboldened by the discovery of topological semiconductors"

No we aren't.

Ask for stronger medication. And no more self-medication.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you and your family Coby

By Eli Rabett (not verified) on 25 Dec 2016 #permalink

Halpern, freddy asks you whether you will get retired in 2017, as freddy heard from your university. Freddy wishes you a fruitful last period as chemist without education in atmospheric physics.

Wow thinks that talking about yourself in the third person is something a retard thinks is clever.

Isn't it strange, though. When climate scientists are making claims about AGW, deniers refuse their claims with "But they would do, their grants depend on it" and point to an engineer or statistician or just unqualified weatherman.

When a chemist makes claims about AGW that they don't want to accept, though, suddenly it's HUGELY important that they are qualified to speak on the subject.

This is because deniers just gotta whine, since reality isn't on their side.

wow, you have terribly mistaken what Freddy was telling Eli Rabett Halpern: Freddy knows that Halpern has no education in atmospheric sciences in his curriculum. Further, Freddy does not understand that wow criticizes Freddy for wordng which he adores with Eli Halpern.Why is wow so partizan?

And that is still a moron typing there.

Moreover, everyne knows that moron is both a moron and a liar and whose words contain nothing of any intelligence or validity in the real world, and are completely fictions created by the diseased mind of the aforementioned idiot.

Freddy is the moron, and he knows it. but he's in deep denial of reality, and completely void of honesty.

Freddy, why do you have to lie so much?

Please note freddy/kai/boris/troll has had no education on maths. Or science. Or climate. And he harks to the nutcase fringe who lack training because he likes the message and cares not for the education.

And therefore his complaints about Eli's education are entirely a dogwhistle and well poisoning attempt.

Because that is all freddie/boris/kai/troll has to their arsenal. They are not equipped with reality or facts or even honest questions.

In case Eli Halpern still reads this blog, freddy would like to ask Elibunny Halpern whether Eli himself considers himself an expert in atmospheric sciences, and whether he would be friendly willing to cite the two most important - according to his own judgement - publications in climatology? This would help freddy in giving wow the right enlightenment wow apparently needs.

And Eli will wonder what the hell you're smoking given your query is vain and pointless bullshit from a retard with no relevance in the world.

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