2015 Was the Hottest Year on Record by a Long Shot

An illustrative graphic from Bloomberg.com arrived in my inbox.  As they put it: "We just obliterated another heat record."

To view it, you'll have to head over to here: 2015 Was the Hottest Year on Record by a Long Shot


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Thanks. Very Nice graphic. Awesome really.

Of course, it is not based on excited oxygen in the upper troposphere and there are undersea volcanoes and cosmic rays make clouds and the sun spots and Medieval warming and Little ice age and vikings in Greenland and Al Gore's house and socialism and hide the decline and hiatus hernia and pause and all the Republican presidential candidates and its always changed and ice age scare and glaciers growing and Antarctic ice growing and no SUVs after the last ice age and Marc Morano and Lord Bug Eye and Jimmy Inhofe and Mark Steyn and Rand Simberg and poor countries and China and India and taxes. Its all about taxes. Did I mention that its all about taxes?

As opposed to denier predictions, February has not cooled, not even paused. Nor has it merely gone up by a bit.

It's gone up a lot.

But,despite their models having failed so badly and so often, and ironically so in the face of their claims about the "IPCC model" needing to be dropped, they will never, EVER, drop a model that "predicts" it will be cooling "any day now".

Nor even acknowledge that such predictions have failed in the past.

Slowly even I tend to agree that it is getting warmer.

I sincerely apologize my errors.

Any casual glance at any of the charts at NOAA that show the last 150 or so years (or sections) are trivially easy to see a rising anomaly trend.



What is there to discuss? It doesn't even really matter why or how anymore. It's obviously going up.

By Sam Urbinto (not verified) on 24 Apr 2016 #permalink

Sam, please be careful in trusting too much in temperature anomalies before year 1950 as there were no instrumental data from antarctic and arctic areas, from the oceans (>70% of Earth's surface), largest parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Therefor we have no knowledge of temperatures in largest parts of the planet before 1950, which is a pity but a fact.

Best regards


Sam, know that freddiekaiboristroll doesn't think you can get a global temperature, therefore even a perfect eternal record would be pointless.

And apparently he thinks that because we have temperatures a thousand miles away the temperature at the remote location has nothing to do with the temperature elsewhere.

I wonder if it was occasionally precipitating out CO2 ice in the African serengetti when we weren't looking....

Dear Mr. Wow

I was talking to Sam about facts and no speculations, allusions, collusions, illusions or whatever you were adhered to in saying that a thermometer reading in New York city does say something about the temperature in Brazil

Kind regards


You didn't actually include any facts, though, even if you were talking about them, freddiekaiboristroll.

After all, it's a fact that Luxembourg's capital city is called Luxembourg City.

I formally welcome the decision of the English population to leave the climate hysteria in the European Union and would like to encourage other nations to do so similarly.

Goodness, you see hysteria where absolutely none of exists.

Truly you are a deranged individual, freddyboriskaitroll.