The real cause of the collapse of the World Trade Center towers

After I did an installment of Your Friday Dose of Woo a couple of days ago about some truly strange 9/11 conspiracy theorists, the tinfoil hat brigade has descended en masse into the comments section of that post. Consequently, it is quite serendipitous that I've found, via Secular Blasephemy, a new theory for the 9/11 Truthers to mull over, a post that suggests what was the real cause of the towers collapsing. It turns out that the truthers have not detected anywhere near the full depth of the government's deception. (Surprise, surprise.)

No, it wasn't passenger airliners hijacked by Islamic terrorists linked to al Qaeda that brought down the towers, as the government line goes. Nor was it a military planes, remote controlled planes, Cruise missiles (cleverly hidden by holograms of planes or disguised by the government touching up the videos of every major newscast that caught the second plane hitting the other WTC tower), or explosives implanted in advance by agents of the government and the Mossad and set to go off as the planes hit. No, it was none of that, credulous ones!

What really brought down the towers was Loose Trains, as these eyewitness testimonials clearly show:

Nicholas Borrillo -- Firefighter (F.D.N.Y.) on 23rd floor of North Tower: Then we heard a rumble. We heard it and we felt the whole building shake. It was like being on a train, being in an earthquake. A train is more like it, because with the train you hear the rumbling, and it kind of like moved you around in the hall.

Paul Curran -- Fire Patrolman (F.D.N.Y.) North Tower: I went back and stood right in front of Eight World Trade Center right by the customs house, and the north tower was set right next to it. Not that much time went by, and all of a sudden the ground just started shaking. It felt like a train was running under my feet.

And there are more similar testimonials where those came from. As I AM A SEEKER OF TRUTH concludes:

These damning accounts come from the oral histories of 9/11. Lawsuits were required to bring this information to light, and you can obviously see why the government wanted them hidden. They challenge the official narrative that airplanes hit the buildings and give actual proof that the towers were actually brought down by trains.


The government, using the CIA, conspired with the Freemasons and Amtrak to kill thousands of Americans to increase the profit of railway companies. They used holographic planes to fool the world not just to hide the truth, THEY DID IT TO SCARE PEOPLE AWAY FROM AIR TRAVEL SO THAT THEY WOULD RIDE MORE TRAINS.

He even provides photographic evidence every bit as compelling as the evidence the "no-plane" theorists provide.

But there's even more than that! Via the JREF forums, I find that the wreckage of an actual train was found in the rubble:


Scoff if you will, 9/11 dogmatists and 9/11 truthers, but this is incontrovertible evidence that it was trains that brought down the Twin Towers. Thanks to intrepid skeptics like the ones above, we now know the real reason the towers fell!

Now that that's settled for good, I guess I'll have to return to my usual medical and scientific topics next week.

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Beyond the utter silliness of this contention, regarding the conspiracy to get people riding trains, the country isn't exactly rife with the things, and train travel tends to be quite pricey, actually.

I just wish we had a subway from the beach where I live to downtown here in LA. But, we don't, so I take out the hybrid to drive downtown only if I absolutely positively must. I'm misanthropic enough without getting behind the wheel in rush-hour traffic (which is any hour in Los Angeles not between 2am and 6am).

That would be funny, if it wasn't so depressing. One of my brighter students kept trying to force me to watch "loose change" last year. I had already taught Occam's Razor AND the scientific method in his class - it apparently had no effect at all. Sigh.

I've said it before and doubtless I'll end up saying it again - There is literally no reasoning with some people.

In case anyone misses the obvious, Loose Trains is a joke.

You know that and I know that, Graculus, but just you wait - some woo-o-phile will come along and take it seriously.

Speaking of seriously: That train isn't completely smashed; it looks conceivable that people sitting/standing in that area could have escaped being crushed. I have to wonder if anyone on the trains survived the collapse, and if so, were they rescued?

By anomalous4 (not verified) on 10 Dec 2006 #permalink


I suppose it's possible, but I don't think they'd have been rescued.

More likely, the train was probably evacuated soon after the initial tower impact, so there wouldn't have been anyone on it in the first place.

I am sure somewhere in the wreckage was a hot dog cart - so hot dog carts brought down the towers! Wait, what KIND of hot dog - it was probably HEBREW NATIONAL!!!!! That's right! Agents of Mossad dressed as hot dog vendors simultaneously rammed the towers with their hot dog cart rickshaws of doom!!! Wait! Rickshaws???? Maybe it was the Chinese!!!!!!

By Pharma Market … (not verified) on 11 Dec 2006 #permalink


Tornados are reported as sounding like trains too....

Maybe tornados are really flying trains inside holographically projected funnel clouds using alien technology!

I know about the train in the picture. It was sitting in the station, locked, empty, and dark. Nobody in it. The train was hauled back to the Port Authority Trans-Hudson's repair yards in New Jersey, and ultimately put back into service.

By the way, the PATH's PA-1 and PA-2 model cars are the oldest operating subway cars in the United States, dating back to 1964.

I've just finished wading through the YFDW thread. It's really rather fascinating to see how similar 9/11 conspiracy theorists are to UFO theorists, creationists, and purveyors of medical woo.

It's the same easily-explained artifacts paraded around as "evidence", the same lack of basic knowledge presented as "unanswerable questions", and the same invocations of the Galileo gambit to explain why their pet defrocked academic disagrees with virtually all of his colleagues.

Can anyone point me to a serious psychological or sociological explanation of the woo phenomenon?

By Robert M. (not verified) on 11 Dec 2006 #permalink

No, it was actually an earthquake caused by nuclear space rays and disguised to sound like a train by the Army Corps of Engineers who were using the latest secret audioholographic technology code named Project Troutfield. Duh.

Robert M:

I'm not too sure there is one, at least not for lay people, but it's certainly an extensively studied subject nevertheless. Martin Gardner had a lot to say in "Fads and Fallacies", so that might be a good place to start.

It's massive confirmation bias is what it is, and when that doesn't wash, you go on the attack against your opponents and claim victory when they walk away bored with the song and dance.

9/11 was caused by trans-fats.

9/11 was caused by trans-fats.

If only they had banned it back in 2000, this tragedy could have been avoided...

By doctorgoo (not verified) on 12 Dec 2006 #permalink

Chuck Norris took down the towers. It was the shock wave from when he roundhouse-kicked the dinosaurs to extinction finally hitching New York.

Who's gonna make him apoligise? Exactly. That's why we have all these weak conspiracy theories about Jews, terrorists, Jews, government cover-ups, Jews, Arabs, Iraq, Jews, New American Century and Jews.

There has to be a pattern in it somewhere but I just can't put my finger on it, some re-occuring theme. I've been up all night drinking orange Jews trying to work it out.

By Lucas McCarty (not verified) on 12 Dec 2006 #permalink

I forget, is there a specific name for the argumentative tactic of making repeated outlandish statements and then hiding behind "I'm just asking questions!!!111"?

Well, besides "being a douche", that is.

Lucas: "Who's gonna make him apoligise? Exactly."

Jack Bauer, obviously.

"Yes, I've heard some of those arguments before, and they don't stand up. They must think we are not paying attention. When they use the argument that the fire from the jet fuel got hot enough to weaken the steel enough to cause collapse, they forget that the actual jet fuel was burned off in a few seconds. The remaining of the fires were from the contents of the buildings. Compare that to the fire in Madrid that burned for 28 hours without collapsing. They say that fire was much hotter than the WTC fires. Also, for such a perfect collapse, the random and scattered fires (especially in Building #7 which wasn't even hit by a plane) the fires would have had to weaken the trusses in perfect symmetry. That's why they use Demolition companies to take down buildings. If they automatically fell straight down anyway, CD companies would not be necessary."

Rapid Scathing Response Squad requested (RSRS). Please, the guy who wrote this is a true denier, I just don't have the energy anymore. Pull no punches...

Probably has something to do with the fact that the WTC was supported by steel alone, not by armed concrete. Steel-only skyscrapers don't exist in Europe...

By David MarjanoviÄ (not verified) on 14 May 2007 #permalink