Some Initial Post-Fair Statistics

Here are some interesting stats, courtesy of Intel:

Out of over 1,500 finalists, there were 547 individual award winners. Of these, 235 were female and 312 were male. 129 were international, and 418 were US winners (including 8 from Puerto Rico and 1 from the Virgin Islands).

Of course, this doesn't mean the US is vastly superior to the rest of the world in pre-college science; rather, since far more US students attend the Fair than international students, the ratio of US/international winners is a bit skewed. The top award-winning countries after the US were China (21 individual award winners), Canada (16), Russia (7), and Chinese Taipei, India, Mexico and Phillippines (each with 6).

In the US, Florida came out on top of all the states with a whopping 90 individual award winners. New York placed a distant second with 60, followed by Oregon with 20. California and Texas both had 19, and host state New Mexico finished with 17 individual award winners.

This is only scratching the statistical surface. Some intrepid data-mining could reveal more interesting patterns. Any volunteers?

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I was at ISEF and the kid who won an Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award seemed to get almost as many awards as Florida. I think he got an amazing 12 or so awards and they even read his project. Is this a record or what?