Some Love From Powell's

I've just found an online interview that I did with the Portland-based bookstore Powell's, where I'll also be appearing tonight. For some reason I hadn't tracked this down before now. You can read it here. Excerpt:

Have you ever taken the Geek Test? How did you rate?

I'm not sure what the Geek Test is so probably not. But if it's an accurate test I ought to rate fairly highly.

I just noticed that Powell's also made the paperback edition of my book a staff pick, which I really appreciate. I'm looking forward to checking out the scene tonight at Powell's Technical Books store.....


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My wife and I wanted to thank you for your talk tonight. We especially appreciate how you take a fact-based approach to fighting back, not relying on personal attacks about how the right "thinks," or what they "believe," rather basing your criticism on actual quotes and documenting what the Right actually does.

This is true to the scientific/law method of argument, and not the politcal way, and I think we'd all agree that it's the right way to fight back (although possibly not always the most effective).

I hope you get a bit more of a chance to enjoy Portland. I recommend that any Portlanders reading this should go down to your talk next Monday when you come back to speak at Reed.