Photo of the Day #15: Pizote


Yesterday's photographic subject, the cougar (Puma concolor), has plenty of common names by which it is known by (some of which are better than others), and the White Nosed Coati (Nasua narica) is another mammal that is known by many other monikers. Pizote, Antoon, and Harrington all sound more like the names of places rather than a long-nosed member of the Family Procyonidae (which also includes raccoons, the Kinkajou, and Olingos), but that is precisely what they are. One should also be mindful that there is at least one other species of coati, distinct from the Pizote, being known as the Coatimundi (Nasua nasua), AKA the Ring-Tailed Coati or Hog-Nosed Coon. The Cozumel Island Coati (?Nasua nelsoni) may or may not qualify as a separate species depending on the source, although it seems more likely to be a subspecies of Pizote.

This photo was taken at the "Carnivore Kingdom" exhibit at the Philadelphia Zoo in 2006.

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