Waiting for the sword to fall

I'll soon be off to take my math exam (at least I get it over with early...), so in honor of the occasion, here are a two snippets of comedic confusion over arithmetic;

And in a similar vein;


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That's not similar. That's the exact same joke! Must have been popular back then...

Ah who cares, I love Abbott and Costello. I pulled that bit on my HS math teacher...ah good times.

Though that clip doesn't have the same punch as when it was on the Abbott and Costello show, maybe it was the thrill of doing it live (or maybe that clip was later in their careers, Who's on first starts to play flat after they got used to the material). They would perform the same routines several times over (usually with less punch each time), I found three examples of the 13 x 7 gag (and none of them are the one I saw from their first season of the Abbott & Costello show).

On another math vein, here is their take on Zeno's paradox (about the tortoise in a race).

of course, here's Who's on first (what would an Abbott & Costello discussion be without it)

Re. the second clip: The other guy- is that Shemp??