Laelaps is in OpenLab '09!

For the third consecutive year I was surprised to find that one of my posts made it into the annual science blogging anthology The Open Laboratory. Not only was the number of submissions very high (760!), but my essays were up against some stiff competition (and I should know since I sifted through quite a few as a judge).* There was a good chance that none of my entries would make the cut, but I am proud to say that my essay on the early whale Maiacetus will be included in the 2009 anthology. Many thanks to those who nominated my posts on "Ida" and "Ardi", the judges, Bora, and Scicurious for making this possible, and congratulations to all the other writers!

You can see a full listing of the final selections at A Blog Around the Clock and Neurotopia.

*(Needless to say I did not judge my own entries.)

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I'll put it on an autogyro to Siam at 1700 hours. (Sorry, whenever I hear "post haste" I immediately think of Mr. Burns)