Make no bones about it

For all the fellow fish-lovers out there, you must check out this article on a new exhibit of fish bones! Kyle Luckenbill of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia has been taking x-rays of fish specimens. The photos were so attractive, they are now displayed in an art exhibit.

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It was a wonderful exhibit. As noted in the article, it has now been replaced by another gorgeous "Art of Science" show:

'The "Art of Science" series was started about 18 months ago with an exhibit of 200 year old botany drawings and pressings. The fish x-rays will be on display through the end of July, and will be followed by "A Many-Colored Glass: Ethereal Images of Microscopic Marine Life," an exhibit of colorized photomicrographs of diatoms which opens August 7.'

By Rich Clark (not verified) on 26 Aug 2010 #permalink