Possessed: Parasite Video and Powerpoint

Well, the talk at Cornell last week went very well. Thanks to everyone who came. If you want to hear me wax rhapsodic about parasite manipulations (and explain how scientists study their evolution), you're in luck. Cornell has put the video of the talk online. The image is pretty small on the screen, so I decided to post the slide show on my web site here. I suggest opening two screens and advancing the slides as the talk progresses.

At first the sound is a little scratchy on the video and the light balance takes a while to get properly adjusted. But don't give up--it evens out. You may also hear a baby gurgling from time to time.

Near the end, when I talk about cuckoo birds as parasites, I refer to their host in one of the pictures as a cowbird. I should have said a reed warbler.

And if you are curious to find out more, check out my book, Parasite Rex.

Update: Apparently the video doesn't work for some readers. I am at a loss.

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The video gives me a "Timed Out" error and doesn't play.

BC--I just tried out the link again, and it worked for me. If it helps, you can try to access the video from this page at Cornell...

I'm having the same problem, times out after about 8-10 seconds. Same thing via both URLs. Msg says it's a 404, which usually means a missing page, I think.

I'm still getting the same error. I've used IE and Firefox. I've tried both the original link and the link you posted in the comments.

This is probably related to the problem - I tried playing some of the MP3s listed on your link. Each one gives me a popup window asking for my username and password for "ATS-Security". It might be the case that the files are stored in a username/password protected area. It would certainly explain why we are getting timeout errors.

Just for the record, I experiencing the same problem when trying to watch the video. I cannot save the link as a movie file, or watch it via both links. I use a GNU/Linux distribution and my browser is Firefox.

Best Regards,

A password and user name are needed in order to view the files since this is a student site. I am not sure if I am allowed to post it so I will leave that up to you Dr. Zimmer.

I was able to access the video from Firefox and IE ( winxp sp2 ), using the Quicktime 7.1.3

I _did_ receive access request from Windows Firewall, I'm assuming to establish the Quicktime streaming connection back to the server. Allowing that let the video play without any other password request. YMMV, apparently.