A Talk With Paul Ehrlich About The State of the World

i-05b2dadde60eca693e7c99b1703a0597-ehrlich bhtv 500.jpgI'm back on bloggingheads.tv, talking this week with Paul Ehrlich about everything from climate change to Polynesian canoe oars to the origins of human culture to why cars are best for teenagers to make out in. Check it out.


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Check it out (below). Ed is British. I knew that, but the accent is still funny. I listen to the BBC, so it didn't feel like bloggingheads.tv, rather, I thought it was the World Service.

I really enjoyed the interview -- I'll have to get the book.
I hope the negative comments at talkingheads aren't representative. There are many tough, thorny issues that people have to think about. The issues can't be treated in isolation. It's hard to say whether the problem is energy or overconsumption or the environment; the point is that we can't make choices based on short-term self-interest.