Was Sully EATED?

I've written before about the scourge of turkeys that are terrorizing the greater Boston area. One thing I've noticed is that the turkeys have gone missing this year. Apparently, one such turkey named "Sully" (by turkey-loving sympathizers) that established an enclave in South Boston is nowhere to be found:

Sully reportedly arrived in the neighborhood more than six months ago with a half-dozen other turkeys, but they all left and he stayed behind and set up a territory in the area around Dorchester Heights. His fame was immediate - There's a wild turkey! Living in Southie! - but the more he hung around, the more he endeared himself. There have been increasing reports of wild turkeys settling in urban areas, but locals say this was no ordinary turkey.

He had a certain strut about him, an attitude. He was cocky. As he made his daily strolls through the neighborhood, he would often stop for long periods to admire his own reflection on car doors. If you stared at him, he would stare right back. He wasn't overly friendly, but he wasn't rude. If you left him alone, he would do the same. And, they say, he was fearless. Barking dogs and beeping cars did nothing to ruffle his feathers. He was, many locals say with pride, a Southie turkey.

Now he's gone missing. Maybe someone ate Sully? Or maybe the turkeys JUST WANT US TO THINK THIS!!!

Personally, I think the turkeys are merely regrouping for a massive offensive. Remember, the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. This needs to be the number one priority for the Obama administration.

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Perhaps the turkey was invited to dinner as guest of honor.

It remains to be seen if role as guest of honor will be at the head or center of the table. A tasty mystery.

It takes a turkey longer to finish a roast long pig then the other way around, so he and his family are still sitting around bloated and moaning "oh, no, not more long pig leftovers!"