This Would Seem Something Educational Reformers Might Want to Do Something About

It would be nice if educational 'reformers' took a break from busting teachers unions to deal with the infiltration of pseudo-scientific falsehoods into the science curriculum:

...the most brazen example is buried in the middle of the story: a coal-industry produced propaganda film for kids selling the lie that the atmosphere needs more greenhouse gas:

...the Coal Education Development and Resources foundation, known as CEDAR, offers small grants to teachers whose lessons dovetail with its industry-driven mission...

...CEDAR also offers a video to teachers called "The Greening of Planet Earth," which says that "our world is deficient in carbon dioxide, and a doubling of atmospheric CO2 is very beneficial." Mainstream scientists widely dispute that assertion.

Of course, since this is reported in The Washington Post, we need some he-said/she-said reporting:

Towards the end of the article, the Washington Post notes that fossil fuel companies "counter that environmentalists provide classroom materials all the time."

Yes, but they are not filled with lies. That's the difference.

If reformers actually gave a damn about educating children, and not the imaginary shibboleths in their heads, they would be outraged by this Orwellian political indoctrination.

But then again, they don't seem to care that most biology teachers don't teach evolution, so why would they care about this?


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What gets me is that wingnuts accuse liberals of living in a subjective reality. Project much?