From Out-N-About: latest web notables

We'll start with the science, cruise through J school, and end with healthcare reform or bust.

Genetic material

Willful ignorance is not an effective argument against personal genomics : Genetic Future Mr. McDonald spanks the frightened.

The American Scientist, meanwhile, takes a shot at Putting Genes in Perspective

Culture and the human genome From the excellent A Replicated Typo. (That's gene humor, is 'replicated typo.')

Going to J School

State of the Media, By the Numbers : CJR A review of a review: Columbia Journalism reviews Pew's "State of the Media" report. Eye-popping numbers and stark statements prevail.

Bora ponders the New science journalism ecosystem. I'm not altogether with him on this, but will lodge those differences later.

Science loses (in the short term -- but usually wins in the long term) NeuroDojo takes a clear-eyed look at the growing clamor over how scientists and journalists should respond to bad science journalism and manufactured controversies.

How Ars Technica's "experiment" with ad-blocking readers built on its community's affection for the site » Nieman Journalism Lab Ars Technica, playing hardball, put up blank pages for readers who were running blockers. Got a lot of attention, including this (typically sharp) post from Nieman Journalism Lab

The Science Reader: Help Me Draw A Profile | The Loom | Discover Magazine Zimmer asks Dear Reader for help seeing through the fog ahead.

Et alia

Book review: The Open Laboratory Good review of what the editors considered the best of the science blogosphere last year, including one by yours truly, amid much good company.

Home Stretch: Health Care in One Week or Bust | The Atlantic Wire "Or bust." Worrisome. Atlantic Wire rounds up the prognosticians and handicapping.

More like this

I humbly present, once again, the quasi-weekly linkfest. Enjoy! First, a reminder: Submit awesome science blogging for Open Lab! I encourage you not to be shy about submitting your own stuff! Also, are you following me on twitter? Lots of shenanigans going on over there, and lots of good links, too…
Session description: Our panel of journalist-blogger hybrids - Carl Zimmer, John Timmer, Ed Yimmer Yong, and David Dobbs- will discuss and debate the future of science journalism in the online world. Are blogs and mainstream media the bitter rivals that stereotypes would have us believe, or do the…
Just had a very pleasant lunch with John Timmer, the editor of Ars Technica. I learned about the history and concept of Ars Technica, we talked about science journalism, science communication, science blogging, and even about science itself: his and my old research:
This week, Nieman Journalism Lab is running a fascinating series of video interviews with the New York Times' R&D group on the possible future face of news media. I know - you're wondering why the supposedly financially moribund NYT is wasting money on nerds who play with Kindles. Who do they…