Get inside mind-bloggers' heads with this interview series

Research Digest blog, the highly useful and content-rich site that tracks all things psych, just opened its "The Bloggers Behind the Blogs," series, which will run ten interviews with bloggers of mind and brain. It's with a nice interview of Jesse Bering, of Bering in Mind.

It's a dandy line-up (of which I'm happy to be part), and I look forward to reading them as they come out, about one a day, over the next couple weeks. Here's who's coming, in alphabetical order.

Jesse Bering of Bering in Mind -- already posted
Anthony Risser of Brain blog. (coming soon)
David DiSalvo of Brain spin and Neuronarrative. (coming soon)
Petra Boynton of Dr Petra. (coming soon)
Vaughan Bell of Mind Hacks. (coming soon)
Mo Costandi of Neurophilosphy. (coming soon)
David Dobbs of Neuron Culture. (coming soon)
Neuroskeptic of Neuroskeptic. (coming soon)
Hesitant Iconoclast of Neurowhoa! (coming soon)
Dave Munger of Research Blogging and Cognitive Daily. (coming soon)
Wray Herbert of We're Only Human & Full Frontal Psychology. (coming soon)

If you know even some of these blogs, you know this promises a rich series. Bering, for instance, who leads off, has been shaking things up nicely at his blog over at Scientific American, where you never know what he'll write on next..

I'm glad that Scientific American readers have joined me on my voyage of discovery about the evolution of pubic hair, fag hags, female bitchery and other important issues. Because I cover such heavy subject matter, I'll occasionally throw in a post or two as a light diversion, say, about God or the afterlife. 

Check it out. I'll crosspost mine here when it's up in a few days, and likely post a few tidbits from others' as this goes along. 

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seems imperative to ask all of these people if they practice meditation, know a language other than english for concepts about mind and awareness, if they are familiar with other cultures' models of mind and awareness ...

but i know that is too much to expect ...

By gregorylent (not verified) on 22 Jun 2010 #permalink

Hi all;
Why does the inside of the human skull have really sharp blades of bone sticking out? Seems like there should be evolutionary pressures against it.

Are chromosomes in a cell, all linked together in one long chain, or are they free floating seperate pieces?