Sorry... and more!

Hey there my dedicated blog readers,

Sorry there hasn't been much from me all week. I'm moving to Hawaii in less than a month, and between preparing for that 6,000 mile trek, a pick up in work (I suspect my boss trying to get the most out of my last couple weeks here), and general life, I've been really, really busy. I know, it's no excuse to ignore you, but it's the truth. So I apologize - I'll try to post more, but if I'm MIA for a little longer, at least you have a reason.

In the meantime, I suggest you hit the sidebar and check out the other great blogs I have on my blogroll - they're being better at posting than I am right now.

On an up note, The 3 Quark's Daily Science Blogging Contest has chosen The Top 7 Finalists.

Oh, and YEAH, we're in :). Thanks again to all of you who voted for my posts to get into the semifinals round - thanks to you, The End Of The Age Of Man? is duking it out with the best of the best for Top Quark!

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