The Semifinalists have been announced!

After day after day of me urging you to vote, the results are finally in for the Semifinalist round for the 3 Quarks Daily Science Blogging Prize. Some great posts have made the cut - including these ones by Scicurious, Evelyn Mervine, Allie Wilkinson, Brian Switek, and those Southern Fried Boys.

Thanks to you and all your votes, TWO of my three posts are in! Both "Why Do Women Cry" and "How Do You ID A Dead Osama Anyway" are among the top 20. I'm so grateful for all of your support - I don't think anyone has ever gotten two posts in before!

In a couple days, the crew at 3QD will be posting their short list of six to nine finalists, which they will then pass off to Lisa Randall. The winners, chosen by her, will be posted sometime around June 21st.

Thanks again, and I'll keep you posted as the results come in!

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I truely enjoyed Why Women Cry! Good stuff.