Aloha, Science Blogs.

i-91e7bdfaf18b5efaa9ffcdd1c2308837-aloha_img.jpgThough you see it cheaply plastered across postcards and knick-knacks, aloha is a very deep and meaningful word in Hawaiian. Its exact origin is somewhat up for debate, though etymologists have said it comes from alo, which means sharing or present, oha meaning joy or affection, and ha, meaning energy, life or breath. In Hawaiian, it means everything from hello and goodbye to love, affection, compassion, and to be fond of something or someone.

Yes, this post is about goodbyes and hellos. I am saying goodbye to ScienceBlogs and Observations of a Nerd. I have spent just over a year here at ScienceBlogs. When I was first recruited, I was ecstatic. I was to be blogging alongside powerhouses like Ed Yong, Rebecca Skloot and Brian Switek on one of the most prestigious science blog networks out there. In my mind, I'd made it big, even if I was just a small fish in a very big pond.

Then came PepsiGate, stagnant checks, and a whole host of technical issues and managerial blunders that have marred the name of ScienceBlogs over the past year. ScienceBlogs wasn't the network I'd hoped to be a part of, and somewhere along the way, I made up my mind to leave. The only question was when and to where, and when Bora took over Scientific American's blogs, the pieces fell into place.

Though the past year has been rough, I am not leaving ScienceBlogs with feelings of frustration or anger. Instead, I am leaving with aloha. I have learned a lot from my fellow sciblings and ex-sciblings, and I hold them in the highest regard. Mahalo nui loa to all of the bloggers here and elsewhere who have become my role models and friends.

As Queen Lili`uokalani once explained, aloha is also "a recognition of life in another." In saying aloha to ScienceBlogs, I also am recognizing the talent and vitality that is still here. I have no doubt that ScienceBlogs will continue to foster incredible science writing and writers, particularly in light of the new deal with National Geographic. I hope that this partnership will solve the issues that have plagued ScienceBlogs as of late, and allow some of the great lesser-known bloggers a chance to shine. Malama pono, all of you; I wish nothing but the best of luck to everyone here. But for me, it is too little, too late. I made the decision to leave before this deal, and I don't regret that choice now.

Aloha also means "to consciously manifest life joyously in the present." As I say aloha and goodbye to ScienceBlogs, in turn, I say aloha and hello to my new home: Science Sushi, a part of the freshly launched Scientific American Blogs. I am unbelievably excited to be a part of the fantastic group of bloggers that the blogfather Bora has assembled.

I hope that those of you who currently read my observations will join me as I set off on this new adventure. Though it's a shiny new name on a shiny new network, it'll still be the same old me and the kind of writing you've come to expect from me here.

The new URL is: and the new feed is: Observations of a Nerd will move back to its ancestral blogspot home, and will serve as a back-up or an emergency place to post should all internet hell break loose. If you wish, update your feed, bookmarks, blogrolls, etc. I hope to see you all over at Scientific American!

Aloha and a hui hou,

Mahalo nui loa = thank you very much
Malama pono = take care, be right
A hui hou = until we meet again

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Congrats!! I will be keeping track on SA :)