mmmmmm.....tasty......Neanderthal mmmm.....


Well it seems that Neanderthals may have had a taste for.. well... other Neanderthals.

Neanderthals suffered periods of starvation and may have supplemented their diet through cannibalism, according to a study of remains from northwest Spain.

Paleobiologists studied samples from eight 43,000-year-old Neanderthal skeletons excavated from an underground cave in El Sidrón, Spain since 2000. The study sheds light on how Neanderthals lived before the arrival of modern humans in Europe.

Researchers found cut marks and evidence that bones had been torn apart, which they say could indicate cannibalism

The researchers don't say whether the bones were torn apart by other Neanderthals - or perhaps... humans. Perhaps we've discovered why the Neanderthals disappeared - The humans ate them! mmmm....tasty.


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note: Neandertals are considered "human" (Genus: Homo) :)

ohhh ok... you know what I mean ;) hahah