Smoking warnings

It's nothing new for those of you outside the U.S. to see a little more scary warnings for cigarettes (Smoking may cause death, etc.) than what they show us here in the states (Please miss...don't smoke if you're pregnant - it might be slighly damaging to your unborn fetus - have a nice day and enjoy your cigs!). It seems that in Belgium they are taking the scare factors one step further, to something that might actually scare someone.

The first photos are just being put on packets. They include images of what damage smoking can do to your gums and teeth as well as pictures of cancer tumours. Other photos show a man behind bars in the shape of cigarettes as well as an image of open heart surgery.

These pictures are pretty scary! Here's the original article


Find more pictures and links from Thailand below the fold thanks to Doctorgoo!

According to the Bangkok post:

More Thais have quit smoking after being exposed to scary pictures and graphic warnings on cigarette packets, a study has found. The latest study showed that warning photos and labels discouraged people from smoking, resulting in the number of smokers falling by 10%, said Buppha Sirirasmee, an academic at Mahidol University's Institute for Population and Social Research.


There's also more info on this blog

Ohh wow and It looks like they are popping up in Australia as well (thanks K8!)


Ahh and from Sandra some from Canada.

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If people want to smoke and get the negative side effects, it is their choice. Right now, I'm quite certain they do know about the cancer causing ingredients in what they smoke, and they just accept it.

Should we start putting similar images on fast food products? I don't think so.

By forcing companies to put up these scary images the government is harassing the people who consume cigarettes.

The easiest way to stop people from smoking is to raise the tax on cigarettes significantly.

I'm not sure whats more frightening, that tumor or the mustache.

What about the teeth on the Thai cigs as seen on the thai-blogs site? That's just nasty, even though I'm sure it's not just caused by smoking.

By doctorgoo (not verified) on 07 Dec 2006 #permalink

you know...
I think we should put pictures of horrible things on "bad for you" foods. Pictures can accomplish much more than words ever will. I agree taxing is probably the best way of cutting down on the smoking problem (funny since I'll have a smoke every now and then) and perhaps the fatty sugary food problem as well.

On the other hand... I think all drugs should be legal - figure that one out ;)

Taxes levied on these products (and hopefully drugs in the future) should be used to educate people and treat the problems from it. So the more problems something causes - the higher the tax.

Wow.. that whole comment was poorly written - ohh well.

We've had graphic warnings on Aussie packs since earlier this year - see link stuck under my name...

Are we sure that's a moustache he grew on purpose?

I've heard of hair and teeth growing in a tumor... maybe the moustache is like that - a product of the tumor.


Now I'm imagining a teratoma with a big freaking mustache. Now it also has a monacle and is speaking in a British accent.....Nooooooooo!

What on earth is a British accent? A bit Welsh/English/Scots/Northern Irish?

it like an american accent but british...