Pet Psychics (again...)

i-835429dfd7a84ed39b68709d206778c0-animalpsychic.jpgMore psychic pets! Wooo... aren't you excited? I uhh... am?

by Craig Hamilton-Parker

Does your pet read your mind, see into the future, know the time or can find you wherever you are? Professional TV psychic, Craig Hamilton-Parker, believes many pets have psychic powers. Here he reveals the evidence and has designed some simple experiments to test your pet's paranormal potential.

Hmm... It's almost like he's one of those people who calls himself by his own name... weird. But not quite as weird as
the whole pet psychic idea to begin with.

Scientific research is slowly beginning to substantiate the many anecdotal claims of pet owners who say that their animals are psychic. Psychologist Michael Fox of Washington University studied extraordinary cases of psychic cats. For example he records, a New York vet who left his pet behind when he was relocated to a new job 2,500 miles away in California. Six months later an identical cat walked into his new home. When he examined it he found a deformation on the fourth vertebra of the tail- an injury he had himself treated when the cat was bitten as a kitten.

Animals who find their owners in this way may be displaying a form of clairvoyance that parapsychologists have called 'remote viewing'. This is the ability to 'see' distant locations without the use of the five senses. During the Cold War the CIA funded psychics to use this technique to spy on Soviet military bases.

So what counts as scientific research? I guess It's not really about the question I guess.
Ok... this is just silly - what the hell does this mean?

Today's scientists, such as Rupert Sheldrake, say that living things have morphogenic fields- invisible vibrations that surround and give shape to life forms, and affect their behaviour. This interconnection of life energy and thought extends across the barriers between species and may even increase the intelligence of animals as a result of contact with their human companions.

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