Things hypnosis has been claimed to be good for

i-6efe381d52d20eb8058d931ff4f1bc22-hypnosis.JPGDr. Janet Hall of Melbourne Australia has found a number of new ways to use hypnosis to 'cure' her patients phobias. These phobias are completely new to me ;)

She said one Indian woman with a sperm phobia overcame her fear in three sessions and was now pregnant.
Another woman used the therapy to successfully overcome the fear that her husband was going to be "swallowed up" during sex.

I wonder if hypnosis can cure my fear of pseudoscience?


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Hypnosis is not pseudoscience. In fact, hypnotherapy (i.e. psychotherapy while a client is in hypnosis) is among the most-researched methods of helping distressed people.

While you can earn a cheap laugh at the people whose phobias you so summarily dismiss it would have been more mature of you to objectively investigate hypnosis before being so pompous.

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Uh, you realize there's no 'official' list of phobias, right? Phobia are recorded from case studies as the are discovered 'in the wild' and are then named and catalogued. What you've written here makes it sound like people aren't allowed to be phobic of anything that's not officially documented and stamped in triplicate, which is not, I assume, what you meant...?

By Michael Perez (not verified) on 18 Apr 2007 #permalink

Laugh all you want. I started changework hypnotherapy less then two months ago and i'm not longer having to take anti-seizure or anti-depression medicine.

I'd been in bed since 2002...too ill to function. I was diagnosed with complex-partial seizures, PTSD, Major Deppression and more anxiety and phobia complexes then you can imagine. My medicines, when i could afford them all, were totalling $800/month...and that's what the insurance wouldn't cover.

Am i cured? No. Am i now a happy person who's able to function outside of her room and is now able to look forward to having a normal life?


By Mandy Noyes (not verified) on 18 Apr 2007 #permalink

Could you explain sperm phobia? How do you know if you have it?