Congratulations Russia on your New Environmentally Friendly Super Bomb!

i-4c55b7bf3a91dee3e250eb9f6f2b9869-art.bomb.test.ap.jpgCongratulations Russia on your great new bomb that is nicknamed the "dad of all bombs" and is four times more powerful than the U.S. "mother of all bombs."

"The tests have shown that the new air-delivered ordnance is comparable to a nuclear weapon in its efficiency and capability," said Col.-Gen. Alexander Rukshin, a deputy chief of the Russian military's General Staff, said in televised remarks.

i-15956f11758ff6cc637ecbe3cf9b395a-DobbyPutin1.jpgHowever! This isn't the exciting part of this momentous discovery!

Unlike a nuclear weapon, the bomb doesn't hurt the environment

The Dad of all Bombs - now with less tree killing!

We here at Omni Brain would also like to congratulate Putin on dissolving his government. Looks like Russia is in some really good shape!

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No doubt that the explosive(s) used, if ignition fails, will be highly toxic.

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