Creepy Crawly Brain Banners

i-046dae1739a55112c0bd3800a550768f-small_TheOmniBrain.jpgWe got an exciting new banner today from Len the creator of Monster-by-Mail! Head over to his website for some absolutely phenomenal pieces of monster art! (Ohh... and make sure you buy stuff or order your own monster.

Len's banner is now going to randomly rotate with our wonderful old banner done by my cousin Erin (click refresh a couple time to see them both up top).

Here they are :)


The Marauding Omni Brain was created by Erin Higgins who can be reached @ higgsmax2000 -at- hotmail -dot- com


And this wonderful banner (as well as the image above) was created by Len over at Monster by Mail.

Check out the video of him drawing The Omni Brain!


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