Funny Dancing Monkeys

Just because Chimps are Funny:

And no bitching about my use of the word monkey! Via Neatorama

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I like it—Dance Like a Monkey! (via Secular Front)
Just because animals doing human things are funny I give you an elephant throwing darts: -via Neatorama-
HAPPY MONKEY! Few random quickies for today-- 1. I think a YEC challenged me to a dual. Or something. A friend was having a 'debate' with some random radical Christian pastor/reverend/whatever via letters to the editor in the Yukon Review, and cited some things he had learned from me and ERV.…
Perhaps you have been pondering the meaning of the new traditional greeting, Happy Monkey! (important usage note: it is not Merry Monkey, nor is it Happy Monkey Day. It is simply "Happy Monkey", full stop. Trying to change the phrase means you are waging war on the Monkey, and you know how they…

Dancing monkey rock.