Lisa Simpson Needs You

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A rare serious post from Steve explains The Real Mozart Effect and why we should support music education with DonorsChoose. Playing an instrument has cognitive and developmental benefits.

i-a4afd915fcbe1aa28f301dca4a01f60c-Lisa_on_sax.gif That reason formed an episode of The Simpsons, too: Lisa's Sax. Homer wants to buy an air conditioner but Lisa needs help to nurture her brain with more than Springfield Elementary has to offer. Unsure what to do, he walks out of Moe's toward It Blows, with $200 in his pocket. He sees a music store and says, "Musical instrument? Could that be a way to encourage a gifted child? Just give me a sign!"

Just then, the music store owner places a sign in the window reading "Musical Instruments: The Way To Encourage A Gifted Child" and so Lisa's music career begins with a new saxophone. Homer's sacrifice leaves him steamy in hot weather but he's very happy since Lisa thrives.

Now, another gifted young Lisa needs help to play sax and you can use your altruism to feel as good as Homer. If you'd like her (or him) to benefit from music education, click now to help fund a worthy project.

Also! Word from ScienceBlogs parent Seed Media Group is that donors can enter to win one of these:

  • iPod nano
  • "Seed Hearts Threadless" tee shirt (design here)
  • ScienceBlogs mug [these are indescribable and prized]
  • subscription to Seed magazine
  • copy of "The Best American Science Writing 2007" [which I'm reading now, it's terrific]

To enter, donors (new or previous) can simply forward an e-mail receipt from DonorsChoose to Prize drawing on October 22nd and 29th. "At the end of the whole DonorsChoose drive, we'll take everyone who ever entered the drawing and draw one final winner for the iPod," said Seed's Ginny Hughes.

Experience it yourself: donating is full of win.

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