Messing With Stupid Animal Rights Extremists

Animal rights activists are horrible. I don't like the idea of belittling peoples opinions and treating them like crap but sometimes they really deserve it. Check out this hilarious video of a really stupid animal rights supporter who's ridiculous opinions are used against him to scare the crap out of him.

On a more serious note... head over to The Denialism Blog for the disturbing story of an attack on a scientist by animal rights activists.

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There are many animal rights organizations, such as Advocates for Animals who actively work with scientists to make conditions better form animals with the aim of ending invasive research in the future. Some scientist, such as myself (I study social learning and social cognition in fish and birds), actually consider themselves animal rights activists (in the sense of extending fundamental person hood rights to certain animals) and consider animal rights simply a parsimonious merger of evolutionary theory and the ethical traditions of the enlightenment. You Sir, should read a bit more on the movement as a whole before you make such broad generalizations based on the very violent acts of a few extreme individuals (but i guess thats a lot sexier then pushing for legal recognition of animal person hood for certain animals like most of us do)

Here are some responsible AR organisations that may freshen you opinion, but i doubt it.

I really do work with PETA!


You also don't have to oppose animal research to love animals. These are separate concepts.

You don't have to love animals to oppose animal research.

... you just have to hate science.