How to get a dude to watch a chick flick

i-e02bbf12854bf7dc585c68a95951fcbb-Dirty-Dancing-Poster-C10315512.jpegAccording to Jennifer Argo it is possible to get a guy to want to watch a so called 'chick flick', all you need to do is tell him its fictional. According to the press release:

"We looked at fact and fiction stories and found that if people have high empathy - usually women - they will enjoy a story more if it's based on fact," she said. "Conversely, people who are low in empathy, typically males, when you tell them in advance that it's fiction they'll enjoy it more. We think it's because it gives them an excuse to enjoy it. They let down their guards."


I love all chick flicks!

Ok.. I'm lying - can someone please explain to me the draw of Dirty Dancing?


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i agree: BS.

What's the appeal of Dirty Dancing?? It's Dirty and it's Dancing! And there's music, too. It may be very soft-core but it's sexy. What's not to like? OK, I'm female, but I ignore the so-called plot in this and just pay attention to the music and dance.

..and the dancing is better in Footloose anyway ;)