Stupid Animal Tricks - An Elephant Throwing Darts

Just because animals doing human things are funny I give you an elephant throwing darts:

-via Neatorama-

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LOL. it's just learning and conditionine. nothing special about it.

who thought it wasn't just learning? what else could it be? I think the funniest part is the elephant was better than the human. heh.

#1, no, all elephants are born with this special dart throwing ability. In the wild, they pick up dart-like seed pods and hurl them at lions. The pod's nectar contains a alkalyne compound which acts on the lion's nervous system to cause a playfulness similar to catnip's effects on housecats. Often a herd of young bulls will scout for lion prides, darts in trunks, and take turns trying to strike the flanks of the confused and hapless felines. With the accuracy you can see on display in this video, it's no wonder that in parts of Africa where elephants are still plentiful, the lion is not known as the King of the Jungle but rather the Clown of the Jungle!