Vector Art


Stunning vector art by Brazilian illustrator Guilherme Marconi. Marconi is a fabulously talented designer who has created a number of unique works related to thought and brain. Check out this contribution to the Vector Magazine calendar in a pdf, and view more of his portfolio (including an Absolut Vodka ad) at his web site.

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I have been wearing it on a great shirt for a couple of years.
You could/can buy it on threadless.
Neuroscientists always feel challenged to make sense of the network of dots on it and wonder about the 'flower' in the cerebellum.

The first two dots, at least, seem like they'd be involved in a reward pathway (and you could wave your hands for the third dot too, I suppose). If you re-interpret the flower as the Sun, then the cerebellum's role in arousal would kick in, and that'd make sense :)

It's nice to put that vector art in my shirt... can we personalize out art by putting my image on it? Wish to have a tutorials on it.