Multimedia Friday - Happiest Memory

Brain Candy, a film by Toronto's sketch comedy troupe Kids in the Hall, is a satirical take on drug development. A scientist creates an antidepressant (Gleemonex) that evokes the happiest memory of the consumer, recreating that joy in the present. Gleemonex becomes a big success, until it all goes horribly wrong... a very funny film.

Here's a holiday-related clip in which the first test subject takes the drug. We see the capsule enter her system after she swallows it, then the drug reaches her brain and takes effect. Her happiest memory is a Christmas visit from her son and his family. "Sorry we're a few hours late, Ma, you know how the kids hate old people."

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I have been waiting for them to come out with that Happy Pill! Nice to know it's around now! Wonder when it will make it to a store near me? LOL!
Dave Briggs :~)